Enboarder vs. Introist

Enboarder is great at automating an employee onboarding process for enterprise companies like Mcdonald's and Deloitte. Introist focuses on European people-first companies making more time for People Ops by automated meeting scheduling and personalised messaging.
european people-first COMPANIES using introist
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What are the main differences between Enboarder and Introist?

Automate the scheduling of onboarding meetings

Smart availability check to avoid double bookings.
Schedule meetings and shared onboarding events automatically.
Send invitations to everyone every time.

Send Slack messages as a hiring manager or other person

Send Slack messages as you or another person - not only as a bot.
Personalise Slack messages to apply a human touch.
Remind hiring managers and employees automatically.

Pricing is suited for 200+ employee growth companies

Pricing is usage-based and scalable for growth companies.
Best value for companies hiring at least one person a week.
Unlimited admin users, messages and schedulings.

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Customers say about Introist

Today it's really difficult to think about onboarding new hires and managers without Introist - not to mention other untested opportunities, like employee training.
Jenni Hamdan
Office Manager
“By automating the repetitive tasks in employee onboarding, we guarantee an equal onboarding experience for each new employee without compromising the personal touch.

Thanks to automation, our Human Care can use time for people interaction instead of time-consuming admin work."
Katja Kainulainen
HR Operations Lead

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