case study
How Supermetrics uses Introist in 5+1 people programs to scale for even faster growth
B2B SaaS (Marketing)
company size
300+ employees
11 offices worldwide
The results were achieved in five months
workdays saved
return on investment (€)
Meetings scheduled
it team
"Introist helps me achieve my goal of providing an amazing, yet standardised, onboarding experience - which in turn allows us to constantly improve a new hire's experience and learning."
Matthew Stocks
it support specialist
people ops
"Today it's really difficult to think about onboarding new hires and managers without Introist -not to mention other untested opportunities, like employee training.”
Jenni Hamdan
office manager
  • Supermetrics is a B2B SaaS company helping its customers with marketing data automation.
  • Supermetrics’ people ops, IT, marketing, and customer support teams are using Introist to automate repetitive tasks in five different use cases (e.g. onboarding new hires and managers).
  • Supermetrics has saved two months of work only in five months.
  • Introist has scheduled more than 1000 meetings across multiple timezones, and sent hundreds of emails and Slack messages on behalf of employees.
  • For this investment, Supermetrics has returned an ROI of 1227% over five months.
A peek into the challenges of a high-growth B2B SaaS company
The hottest PLG company you've never heard of, Supermetrics has automation at its core.

Last Spring, their people operations team were looking into different onboarding tools to scale their new hire programs for rapid growth in 11 countries.

They were looking for a straightforward and easy-to-use tool that could automate repetitive onboarding tasks in the background.

Supermetrics needed a solution that could help both people ops and tam managers during the pre-boarding phase, on the new hires first day, and throughout the employee lifecycle.

Introist was a perfect fit.
Starting with the onboarding program
Every week, new hires begin work at Supermetrics. The people operations team realised that their current onboarding processes were not scalable.

The execution was very dependent on the responsible hiring manager, which lead to an inconsistent employee experience - a key risk the business wanted to minimise.

The workflow was also extremely time consuming: as a practical example, Supermetrics’ IT and people ops team members held a weekly meeting, the purpose of which was to schedule every meeting and message for the new hires in different timezones.
"Supermetrics’ IT and people ops team members had a weekly meeting where they would schedule every meeting and message."
Getting things everything done
With the help of Introist’s proactive customer success team, Supermetrics was able to jumpstart the automation of repetitive tasks in their onboarding program.

Today, Supermetrics uses Introist in onboarding to:
  • Automatically schedule tens of different one-to-one and group induction meetings events
  • Block learning slots into a new hires' calendar
  • Send reminders to people ops and hiring managers on Slack
  • Ask for information from the new employee via email
  • Send the preboarding material to the new hire
In total, Introist has executed 16 listed tasks per work day. The scope is growing constantly due to extended people programs and new Introist use cases.
Not just one, but five extra use cases
In only five months, Introist has scheduled more than 1,000 meetings and sent hundreds of messages on Slack and via email. This automation has enabled different Supermetrics teams to save 60 business days for more productive work.

In addition to time-saving, the onboarding experience is now equal for all new hires, ensuring everyone is treated in the same way and increasing talent retention.

After implementing Introist for onboarding, Supermetrics very quickly realised the versatility of the product.

Besides People Ops, the IT, customers support and marketing teams are now also leveraging Introist in five different use cases:
  • Onboarding new hires
  • Onboarding new managers
  • Offboarding departing employees
  • Relocating current team members
  • One-off tasks like registration for their Superscape week, an offsite event in Helsinki
Inspired by their colleagues’ successes, Supermetrics’ sales team is now also looking forward to implementing Introist’s automation, in the design and execution of learning paths for their salespeople.
"In only five months Introist has scheduled more than 1,000 meetings and sent hundreds of messages on Slack and email."
Supermetrics continues to grow fast. New challenges are created constantly, and their teams are looking forward to solving them with the Introist customer success team.
customer support team
“If you're doing onboarding manually, do not do it.”
Jamilah Dotson
customer Support

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