Batch 5 / 2022

Upgraded components

If you have looked closely, you might have noticed that not all the UI components in Introist look the same anymore. And you have been right. We’ve done a lot of work to improve the components and to make them as intuitive to use as possible. These changes are rolling in to the UI gradually and eventually take over it entirely.

Rescheduling steps

It is one thing to automatically enroll your employees to workflows based on triggers in your HR system data. From now on, we can keep an eye on those enrolled employees and update their data in Introist whenever it changes in your HR system (of course only when you would like Introist to do that). There’s some quite powerful automation here. E.g. if your employees manager changes, we simply pick that change from the HR system and automatically update all the calendar events which include the manager!

Collapsible main menu

When you have a smaller screen, all the space in the screen needs to be utilised well. Now you can collapse the main menu of Introist to make room for the actual content!

Fixes and improvements

This is a never ending quest and that’s just fine:

  • It’s no point selecting SMTP email account as calendar event host so we removed those from available hosts
  • Selecting the common event sometimes showed same option multiple times, not anymore
  • It’s useful to see the time of the execution in the step card as well as the date so we added it there

Ilpo Ryynänen
Marketing & Analytics