Solve problems before they become one with the new Issues feature


  • A new view that reveals any issues with your automation setup.
  • Solve problems in your workflows pre-emptively before they occur.
  • Have better confidence that everything is going as planned in your automation setup.

The problem with operating complex automation systems

Operating human resource systems and an automation system side by side is not a simple task. It often leads to misconfiguration due to human error.

These problems are hard to detect just by looking at your automation setup by yourself as they are only visible after things start happening. Reacting to issues is near impossible without rigorous inspection of your setup, which is both time-consuming and mentally draining.

Practical example

An example would be that you’re sending onboarding Slack messages to new employees and one of the messages is sent from the employee’s manager. However, an employee does not have a manager defined in your HR platform, meaning that sending this message will fail. This problem will show up in the Issues view and you will be able to fix it before the communication is due.

Solve problems before they become one

We want to offer our customers the peace of mind and transparency that everything is smooth sailing in their automated processes. In order for you to react to any issues better, we have developed our system to preemptively detect any issues with your setup. These issues are gathered under a new view which you can find from the left-most tab in our application.

In this view, you can

  • see any issues that our system has detected
  • click and edit your journey steps to fix said issues

The types of issues we detect are currently limited. However, we are adding more as we go and are very excited to hear your feedback on what types of issues you would like to react to!

Anton Rautio
Software Engineer