Case Studies

Product update

Oct 13, 2022

Batch 1 / 2022

Niko Salkola

Product Designer

1 - Modifying journey attributes

Don’t know all the details of your employee but would still like to enroll them? No problem, any attributes can now be modified at any time during the journey. We will take care of updating calendar events and upcoming messages. Sweet!

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2 - Canceling single Journey step

Something happened during the Journey and one of the steps in it won’t be needed anymore. No problem, that happens. You can now cancel steps from the Journey while the rest of it continues to march on as planned. So far this feature is available for calendar events and Slack messages but rest of the step types will follow!

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3 - Slack step UI in Journey view

Good usability comes from clean and simple UI.
With all the new knowledge we have gained since the beta release, we felt that there was significant room for improvement in how the Slack step details are presented when you check them out in a single journey.

Enjoy the new and improved UI!

4 - Unlimited cc addresses

We believe that taking some time-off is valuable. By default Introist is not scheduling any calendar events or messages during weekends to give you and your people their valuable time to relax and spend time with what they love.

Nevertheless if you want to allow Introist to schedule during weekends as well, just ask your point of contact to enable weekend scheduling for those workflows you want.

5 - Fixes and improvements

Sometimes you don’t need cc recipients to your emails, sometimes you do. Now you can add as many of them as you like.

  • Attendees not related to the journey at hand (external attendees) are always listed last in Guests block

  • Employee avatar in Journey view was not aligned the right way, now it is

  • When you select Slack message to be sent by bot, Introist bot is selected by default

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