Case Studies


Apr 10, 2022

Batch 2 / 2022

Klaus Julin

Software Engineer

1 - Reworking key elements

We’re looking forward to making workflows still a whole lot more powerful. To be able to do that, we have reworked the architecture to make sure that all the more powerful workflows will work like clockwork and be intuitive to set up. Stay tuned to see what happens!

2 - Connecting Teamtailor streamlined

Don’t know all the details of your employee but would still like to enroll them? No problem, any attributes can now be modified at any time during the journey. We will take care of updating calendar events and upcoming messages. Sweet!

Here’s an article if you want to see how to connect Teamtailor and Introist.

3 - Fixes and improvements

Always is a good time to tweak things here and there:

  • Introist Settings section is now divided to tabs to make it easier to use

  • Clearly tell if you are trying to start a Journey without selecting a workflow

  • Also give a reasonable error message if trying to start the same workflow twice for the same employee at the same time

  • When taking a look at Slack messages in the Journey data now resolves all the data, always

  • Also, we now resolve all the Slack message recipients to actual recipient names

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