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Sep 9, 2022

Introducing Enhanced Workflow Editor and UI Theme in Introist

Niko Salkola

Product Designer

1 - A lot of effort and love to make Workflow Editor than much better

It’s been several months of hard work, feedback, testing and improving to finally get here. We’re ready to roll out the whole new Workflow Editor which also rolls out the new generation 2 UI theme that you will see spread all over Introist during the next months.

This has been a huge effort for us and we really hope it makes building workflows that much easier and more enjoyable. All feedback is great appreciated!

2 - Workflows view revisited

With the momentum of the new Workflow Editor, we also revisited the Workflows listing view. Nothing major has changed but some tweaks here and there.

3 - Workflow settings

Inside the all new Workflow Editor you’ll now find Workflow settings making it possible to control some key configurations for a workflow:

  • Should steps be scheduled for weekends or not?

  • Should calendar steps look for available slots in participants’ calendars?

  • Should calendar events to the employee be postponed until the account is created?

  • Can one employee have multiple Journeys of the same workflow or not?

4 - Meetings & Events

Introist can setup two kinds of calendar events, those that are specifically for employee at hand and those that are shared events between multiple employees. To make this more clear, we have made a clear separation between these types:

  • Calendar events specific for single Journey are now called Meeting.

  • Calendar events inviting employees to join a shared session are now called Events.

Lot of magic happens around these concepts so we hope this helps to understand the difference.

5 - Fixes & improvements

Even amidst these there have been something to tweak elsewhere:

  • While rescheduling a Meeting, you can now take a look at up-to-date availabilities, that’s just sweet!

  • With a reconnect of a calendar host, now we have all the scopes required to list the rooms available for a Meeting or an Event.

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