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Product update

Oct 5, 2022

Enhancements and Updates

Klaus Julin

Software Engineer

As for the early spring we worked to take the Workflow building experience to the next level, now the work has begun to do the same for Journeys. Slowly but surely all the UI has started to shift toward the new design and that work continues after summer.

Alongside that work, there are few improvements to mention:

1 - Alert

This is going to be a big one although it does not show in the UI just yet. In the background we are now constantly monitoring for any hickups in your journeys (missing data etc.) and you will see your Introist Success Team to let you know when there are things to take a look at, before they become a problem!

2 - Improved support for different Workflows

Introist is already used for many different processes such as onboarding, offboarding, transitions, promotions, you name it! This means more Workflows and more Journeys to manage. We have made improvements to help you manage and filter your Workflows as well as Journeys. This includes giving (custom) labels workflows, favouriting most important ones and filtering with wider variety of options.

3 - Fixes & Improvements

Never forget these!

  • Make sure Introist does not suggest Meeting times for weekends (unless you specifically want to)

  • Make fixes so that rescheduling a step works in all situations

  • All emojis didn’t always work as we used a little too heavy hand for content sanitation. Now all emojis work!

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