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Sep 16, 2022

Integration news

Jarno Vuorenmaa

Customer Success

1 - Integration news

Slack integration is now available for all of you. Delight your employees with personalized Slack messages!

If you are using Teamtailor and you have integration in place you can now use custom fields such as buddy email when you are importing people into Introist. Your point of contact will help you to get started.

2 - Reply to

Sometimes it is great that responses to emails are directed to somewhere else than the original sender. Read more about using reply to address here.

3 - UI Refinements

Keeping on track what happens for all the people in all these workflows is essential. We have started working on more insightful and declarative design to help you understand each individual journey.

Last week we released an updated view on a scheduled calendar event to get better grasp on what is going on (e.g. showing rooms separately).

4 - Weekends are great, let’s embrace them

We believe that taking some time-off is valuable. By default Introist is not scheduling any calendar events or messages during weekends to give you and your people their valuable time to relax and spend time with what they love.

Nevertheless if you want to allow Introist to schedule during weekends as well, just ask your point of contact to enable weekend scheduling for those workflows you want.

5 - Fixes and improvements

  • You were able to submit an invalid email address. Fixed.

  • Removed extra space around lists in emails and Slack messages.

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