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May 22, 2024

Bringing Transparency to Life

Futurice's Automated HR Processes Reflect Employee Care

Essi Järvinen

Rudolf Poels, who returned to Futurice in January 2024, was pleasantly surprised by the proactive approach taken before his official start date. He received a list of optional tasks, which, though not mandatory, made him feel valued and cared for. 

Among these tasks were updating HR information, completing information security training, and revising his CV, all crucial steps in the consulting business. On his first day, he began receiving calendar invites to onboarding events and scheduled meetings with his supervisor.

“After being away for three years, I noticed several changes upon my return. However, I quickly adapted to the new processes, largely thanks to the timely and well-written emails from our HR department. I appreciate this approach, especially compared to the typical process of sifting through a lengthy 50-page manual, which is still common in many companies," explains Rudolf.

Automated Notifications via Email and Slack

Three months in, he received a notification reminding him to review the goals of his trial period, with the next one scheduled for the six-month mark. “When you're deeply involved in a customer project, you tend to forget about these things,” Rudolf says. He also appreciates the performance reviews conducted at the end of each month.

Each consultant receives an email detailing their performance compared to their goals, consolidating all the necessary information and delivering it directly to the employee. Without this customized action, employees would need to navigate various systems to check their utilization rate, hourly rate, and goals from different sources.

Behind what seemed like personalized and supportive communication was actually the automation facilitated by Introist, an HR automation platform. These messages could be emails or Slack messages, reflecting a strategic effort to ensure transparency, care, and seamless workdays for employees while reducing reliance solely on human memory.

“We want our employees to actually utilize the benefits they are entitled to. Without proper transparency and communication, their vacation days or work permits might expire. Moreover, both supervisors and employees are clear about their expectations, allowing them to concentrate on their work without the need to log into different systems or seek information from various sources. The best part is, that we can do all this without burdening the HR,” explains Katja Kainulainen, HR Operations Lead at Futurice.

Exceptional and Finely Crafted Employee Experience

Rudolf is preparing to onboard a new employee as a supervisor. Traditionally, he would have relied on setting manual reminders in his calendar. However, now he receives timely checklists and pre-booked calendar invites to ensure everything progresses smoothly and nothing is overlooked.

This streamlined process allows him to concentrate on his consultant work, as tasks are made as simple as possible. For instance, when starting a new project, the necessary form appears in his email on the first morning, eliminating the need to hunt for it. 

Rudolf values well-thought-out and comprehensive HR automation because it reduces the burden on his memory and enhances efficiency.

"The ideal scenario would be for each of us to have our own HR person, but that's not financially viable. However, Introist brings us as close to that ideal as possible. The effort invested in developing such an automated system truly showcases Futurice's commitment to transparency and reliable support for every employee. Offering self-service functionality aligns with the practices we commonly employ in IT today, so why not extend it to HR as well?"

Case Study: Futurice

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