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The platform helps HR and managers to save time and improve the employee experience by automating simple but crucial tasks.
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Three main benefits of using Introist

Save hours of admin work each week

Invest your extra time into people and new initiatives.

Get things done with machine-like precision

Automated actions do not rely on people to finish them.

Deliver equal but personalised employee experiences

Great experiences regardless of manager, role, or location.

Example use cases:
How to improve the employee experience

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Start workflows from your HR tools

Our customers use HR platforms like Personio, Teamtailor, and Workday. Whenever the data changes in the systems, Introist workflows are started automatically.

Send messages and calendar invitations on time, every time

Only super-humans remember to send each message and calendar invitation at the right time to the right person. Not a super-human? Don't worry about it. Now you can automate them into workflows.

Send messages and calendar invitations always on time

Many of us do not like sending calendar invitations or forget to post right messages at the right time. Now you can automate them into workflows.

Personalise messaging for every employee moment

Key moments like starting a new job, being promoted to a new role, or parental leave are significant for each person. In these important moments, they want to be treated as humans.

With Introist you can personalise automated messaging for every step in an employee lifecycle, without compromising the human touch.

Our customers are saying

“Our onboarding process is automated, yet very personalized. In fact, we received one of the best onboarding reviews while the onboarding team was on vacation.

This just proves how everything happens regardless of individual people.”
Roosa Pitkänen
Head of Recruitment
“By automating the repetitive tasks in employee onboarding, we guarantee an equal onboarding experience for each new employee without compromising the personal touch.

Thanks to automation, our Human Care can use time for people interaction, instead of time-consuming admin work."
Katja Kainulainen
HR Operations Lead

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