Pricing that scales with you

Pricing is based on the number of employees you run automations for.

< 200 employees


Optimized for growth-oriented companies where enhancing HR productivity plays a significant role.

200+ employees


The custom plan for companies looking to boost the efficiency of their people functions. No heavy implementation process needed.

Features in every plan

Unlimited admin users

Unlimited workflows

Unlimited emails and messages

Unlimited calendar invitations

Google Calendar & Gmail integration

Microsoft Outlook & Teams integration

Slack integration

HRIS integrations like Personio, Bob and BambooHR

ATS integrations like Teamtailor and Greenhouse

Zapier integrations to 4000+ tools

Smart calendar event scheduling

Automated emails and messages

Email personalisation

Slack message personalisation

Teams message personalisation

Content editor and sharing with employees

Slack channel for customer support

Native material sharing

Frequently asked questions

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From which accounts the emails and messages sent from?

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