Severa x Introist

Severa x Introist

Severa x Introist

Supercharge Severa with advanced automations from Introist.

Supercharge Severa with advanced automations from Introist.

Supercharge Severa with advanced automations from Introist.

How it works


Connect Severa To Introist

Grab an API key from Severa and add it to Introist. Connecting Severa to Introsit only takes a few minutes.


Set up data sync

Select what information you want to sync from Severa to Introist and you will always have the latest data to power your automations


Run your automations

All set! Use the data you want to sync from Severa to power various automation use cases like early care and onboarding

Unlocking the Potential of Severa with Introist Integration

Vacations & Absences

Introist simplifies managing vacations and absences by notifying employees and managers about used and unused vacation time. It also tracks longer and various types of absences requiring actions, ensuring timely steps are taken. Automated notifications help avoid scheduling conflicts and manage time off efficiently.

Early Care

Monitor sick leaves and workloads with automated notifications, ensuring transparency for both employees and employers. When actions are required, Introist provides timely information to all parties involved, ensuring a balanced workload and supporting employee well-being.


Enhance onboarding with Introist by automating the scheduling of 1-1 meetings, introduction calls, and orientation events. It sends necessary communications to all relevant parties and tracks onboarding tasks to ensure timely completion, providing a smooth start for new employees.


Streamline offboarding with Introist by automating tasks such as revoking system access and conducting exit interviews. It coordinates communication with all relevant parties and ensures all steps are taken for a compliant and smooth employee exit.

Project Management

Improve project management by connecting Introist to key stages of the project lifecycle, such as project start and completion. Introist automates sending project surveys and completion notifications, helping team members transition to new projects smoothly and ensuring efficient project management.

Futurice Enhances HR Efficiency with Introist


Futurice, a leader in digital transformation, leverages Introist to automate employee lifecycle management, resulting in significant time savings and improved HR processes. Discover how Introist optimizes onboarding, leave management, performance tracking, and more, enabling HR to focus on strategic initiatives.

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