Learn how to build preboarding program in five steps

Kickstart your new hire onboarding before they even start.

Create a workflow.

Create a dedicated email workflow for each role, team or location.

Add steps to your workflow.

Steps are the emails that are sent to new team members. Personalize the emails with variables, such as their first name, or starting date. You can also email yourself as a reminder or schedule a meeting with the new team member.

Add new employee to the workflow.

Add new employee and the emails are automatically sent directly from your mailbox. You automatically stay in touch with the new team member. If and when they respond - simply continue conversation from your email.

Follow progress.

Stay up-to-date on the progress of each new team member.

See opens & link clicks

Stay up-to-date what content your new team members have read, so you know where to start when they start.

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