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Jul 15, 2021

Improved Event & Meeting Management in Introist

Klaus Julin

Software Engineer

1 - Events & Meetings

There are two very important concepts in Introist when it comes to calendar events. Sometimes you want many employees to join the same calendar event (think weekly “all hands” meetings), and sometimes you want everyone to have their own (think 1-on-1 with manager).

Allowing you to handle both situations is something Introist has done from day one, but now we've tried to make the naming of them simpler and more intuitive.

Event is used when multiple employees join the same calendar event, and Meeting is selected when each employee should have their own calendar event.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

2 - Superpowers for rescheduling Events and Meetings

Having a good workflow is a great way to make sure things happen similarly for everyone. But sometimes life happens and adjustments need to be made.

Now, you can reschedule any Event or Meeting step, and Introist will show the best options for where to move it.

3 - Schedule steps some time after enroll

Previously, users scheduled a step immediately once the workflow was initiated for an enrolled employee. Now, you also have an option to choose when you want the step to happen at a key point after the start (e.g. send a message to someone 1 day after the workflow begins).

4 - Fixes & Improvements

It’s the first leg with the new Workflow Editor so there has been some small adjustments to fine tune it:

  • Slack recipients are now resolving like they should

  • Setting the step to 'always execute' should now be easier to understand

  • Configuring flexibility for a step is reworked to also make more sense

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