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Oct 24, 2022

From changelogs to blog

Klaus Julin

Software Engineer

1 - Hey there!

Summer is pretty much gone (at least here in Finland), and we're back building Introist into the best platform we can. The last time we updated what's happening behind the scenes was the end of June, and a lot has happened since.

It’s almost the end of October, and even though we've been quiet, we’ve actually been busy for a good while - 188 changes have been released since the end of June, and some big new features are on their way at the same time!

They say that things change a lot and all the time at startups, and it certainly feels like we're no exception - in a really good way. There are new team members propelling us even higher and faster. New customers are also helping us understand even better how to help teams deliver a stellar employee experience.

2 - Mental switch from log to blog

With all that change, we must regularly revisit how things are done. The changelog is one of those things we've recently reviewed, and have now decided we'll no longer post specific logs detailing the changes released. We feel the format doesn't really deliver bang for the buck when it comes to communicating what we've been doing, and also what we have been thinking. There is so much more to say than just noting the technical changes to the product.

From now on, there'll be a wider variety of posts with specific topics, and we already have a few categories in mind based on the changelog.

To start with, there'll be more detailed product updates whenever something new is released that brings additional value to our customers. These updates aim to help you understand the problem we saw, what kind of solution we designed, and how it works in practice.

The addition of Anton to the product team has already made us that much better, and we still want to share things about product work and engineering life here at Introist - so there will be specific engineering updates focusing on the solutions we craft and the practices and culture we build.

Creating a great product involves many competencies and the ability to make good decisions when facing a wide variety of challenges.
With this adjustment, we will be able to deliver even more relevant and interesting updates on what we do and how we think. See you soon!

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