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May 23, 2024

The Gang chooses Introist to Streamline and Scale HR Operations

Essi Järvinen

Sweden-based The Gang, with a workforce of 215 employees in four countries, experienced significant growth in 2023, doubling its size. With a lean HR team of four individuals overseeing operations across all countries, The Gang prioritized automation to ensure seamless processes. They opted for Introist to complement their existing HR system.

“We needed an intuitive solution to enhance our HR system. Introist is invaluable for scheduling group events across multiple time zones and facilitating onboarding processes. Additionally, it streamlines our early care program and simplifies calendar invites. One standout feature is its ability to assess everyone’s calendars and find suitable meeting times within specified time frames, automatically excluding Sundays and holidays,” says Katherine Siano, People Operations Partner at The Gang.

The Introist HR automation platform offers numerous practical benefits for The Gang. For instance, new hires are seamlessly integrated into onboarding events, and calendar invites are automatically generated. If there are no new hires, the system promptly cancels the invite.

Moreover, Introist ensures the smooth operation of The Gang's early care program. When an employee exceeds the sick leave limit, the manager receives a Slack notification from Katherine, prompting an automatic booking for a health checkup. Additionally, Introist coordinates event scheduling by cross-referencing both the employee's and manager's calendars.

"With Introist complementing our HR system, we've established a scalable structure for our HR processes. This allows us to expand rapidly into new countries, seamlessly introducing standardized processes without building new HR teams for each location. The smooth and cooperative relationship with the Introist team played a significant role in our decision to adopt the platform. They consistently exceed our expectations with their prompt responses and reliable support,” says Siano. 

Jarno Vuorenmaa, Co-Founder at Introist, is excited to partner with The Gang, a modern, remote company set to benefit greatly from automation. "Gaming companies like The Gang thrive with automation," he says. "We enjoy collaborating with the team, especially with Katherine, who brings remarkable expertise and tech-savviness to the table. Our partnership is fluent, and we see enormous potential for expanding our cooperation given their modern system architecture and work approach."

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